Direct to Film Printing Artwork Specifications

Please submit artwork that meets the following specifications.  All artwork will be printed as submitted.  You can upload artwork of any shape, please note that tiny details and text under certain dimensions may not have enough adhesive to apply correctly.   If you have any questions, please email and our team will be more than happy to assist.  If you need image editing or creation our team can be hired at $50.00 per hour.

Artwork Requirements:

  • Include only desired artwork (no notes, layers, copies of art)
  • Artwork should have clean hard edges; soft edges (shadows) cannot be printed
  • Artwork should not have any transparency or fading on the edges
  • Artwork should only include what should be printed
  • Artwork will not be “cleaned up” prior to production.  It will be printed as supplied.
  • Artwork must fit entirely within the printable area of the cooler.
  • Minimum artwork size is 1” x 1”
  • Maximum artwork size is 10” x 22”
  • Artwork line thickness should be at least .025”

Accepted Artwork Formats:

  • .pdf
  • .ai
  • .svg
  • .png (with a transparent background)
  • .tif (with a transparent background)

The following formats are accepted but may incur additional art charges

  • .psd
  • .cpt
  • .jpg
  • .png (without a transparent background)

Artwork Expectations:

  • Artwork will print as provided
  • We will not recolor or edit artwork without an editing agreement and additional charges will incur
  • Color Expectations
  • The printed cooler will not match the color on your monitor, the colors on your screen are not an accurate representation of how artwork will print
  • The artwork is printed in CMYK.  You do not need to convert your colors to CMYK.  Please upload your artwork in its original format.
  • If your artwork must be printed in a specific color, there are resources for you to understand how Pantone colors can be printed in CMYK.  Our team can assist in this editing once an agreement has been signed.  You can also go to the following link for more information.

    Artwork Fees:

  • $25.00 Set up fee for all new DTF printing orders.
  • DTF printing fee is based upon image size and will be quoted before production
  • Less than 1 square foot of printing - $15.00
  • Over 1 but less than 2 square feet of printing - $20.00
  • Over 2 but less than 3 square feet of printing - $25.00
  • Over 3 but less than 4 square feet of printing - $30.00
  • Multiple location printing fee - $5.00 per location
  • Artwork editing fee - $50.00 per hour.

  • Before any artwork enters production, the purchaser must acknowledge that they are the owner and/or have full legal rights to use the logo provided.  Any logo that is a registered trademark, copyrighted or protected is subject to validation.  Viking Cooler Products, LLC reserves the right to reject any artwork at its discretion.