What if I have an older model golf cart?

The Hoodie Cooler was made to find most golf carts that are in service today, with expandable straps it will fit your cart.  If you need to fit your cooler to an extra wide cart we do have extension straps available on our website here. 

Your golf cart must have a roof and/or roof supports for the Hoodie Cooler to attach. 

The cooler can work on a roofless cart buy permanently affixing the extension straps to your cart. Our customer service team is available to help answer any installation questions you may have, you can reach them at customerservice@vikingcoolers.com

Will it scratch the paint on my cart?

Our Cooler is constructed with a non-skid rubber material that will be in contact with your cart.  Our field testing has shown that the material will not scratch the painted surface of the hood.  Please be aware that dirt, sand or other debris could get between the cooler and the hood and scratch the painted surface.  Owners of golf carts that have been vinyl wrapped should test to see how the cooler reacts to their modified surface.

How much it hold?

The team at Hoodie Cooler has done extensive research on this topic and feel that the perfect carrying capacity of the cooler is 18 – 12oz cans of your favorite beverage and a 7 lb bag of ice.  The Coolers maximum capacity is larger but please be aware of how added weigh will affect the structural integrity of your carts hood. 

What is return policy?

New, unused, non-personalized coolers may be returned as long as it within 60 days of original purchase.  If you purchased your cooler through an authorized retailer, their return policy would apply.  IF the cooler is damaged within 1 year of purchase it will be replace at no cost you.  For more information on our warranty please click here

Is there a price break for bulk orders?

Please contact our customer service team at 855-551-5075 or customerservice@vikingcoolers.com and we will be happy to talk about a bulk order.

How much is shipping?

$15 Flat rate shipping anywhere in the continental United States.  For multiple piece or bulk orders, a custom shipping quote will be created.

Can I find Hoodies in stores?  Where can I buy?

If you are wishing to purchase your Hoodie Cooler from a local authorized retailer please call our customer service team at  855-551-5075 or customerservice@vikingcoolers.com and we will be more than happy to put you in contact with a retailer in your area.

Warranty info?

For warranty information please check out our Warranty and Returns section on the website, and you can download our limited warranty here.

What colors available?

We have every color cooler you could possibly want, as long as you only want grey.  Look for more color options to join the Hoodie lineup in the near future. 

How wide is cooler?  What are dimensions?

Will Hoodie fit on my atv/utv?

The Hoodie will fit most atv/utv hoods right out of the box, for vehicles with extra wide hoods we do suggest purchasing a set of extension straps.  They can be found here.

Is it customizable?

The only thing that makes a Hoodie Cooler look better is your name or logon on top of it!  We offer a variety of stock and custom options for the lid of your cooler, with the only limit being your imagination.   Please click here to check out our options. 

How long will it keep my mom’s casserole warm?

What’s this thing made of?

The Hoodie Coolers rugged exterior and good looks come from 1620 D Ballistic Nylon, this material features a 2x2 basket weave that is highly regarded for its durability and abrasion resistance.  The interior of the cooler is constructed with a PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) liner.  These liners have antimicrobial properties, which make them ideal for standing up to the wet and damp climate of our coolers.  PEVA is also a food-grade material, commonly used in reusable lunch bags.